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[G-enesis] Ora Tsvetanov by RumbyFishy [G-enesis] Ora Tsvetanov by RumbyFishy


n-ame: Ora (née Vasilev) Tsvetanov
g-ender: Female
a-ge: 19


d-ivision: Research
r-ank: Cadet
w-eaponry: Raygun (If too highly advanced, alt. Bazooka)




__Ora has strong intrinsic motivation to succeed in any challenge and is typically practical, focused, and result orientated.
__Likes to think for herself, as well as observing her actions, others, and the issues of the world around her as practically as possible.
__She considers herself to be ethical, but not exactly a moral person, as she’d rather have the freedom to choose the principle of conduct as guiding philosophy to follow, whereas to be moral is to be able to conform to a standard of right behavior of society which could vary, and she's not someone who easily conforms to others idealogies and norms.
__Her knowledge is skewed mostly containing machinery, mechanics, and weaponry; order and systems; mathematics and sciences.  She has no interest in history or past knowledge unless it has practical application.


__Highly organized and logical in a sense, Ora is a rationalized thinker, and rather resort to using impartial, unbiased decisions using objective facts to choose the best alternative. She is driven by thoughts and goes to great lengths to uncover the truth of theories and such.


__She dislikes talking about her past as she is insecure with revealing such information to others openly; however it is also because she is not readily able to confide in others, due to her lack of trust in others in general.  Ora feels that disclosing such personal information to others could be easily used to threaten her.


__Seen as rigid and difficult to understand at times, Ora has a well-controlled, calm exterior; she does not display her affections willingly, as she feels there is no specific need to express her feelings, and therefore is frequently misunderstood by others. Ora can appear to be quite cold, blunt, rude, selfish, and cut-throat when speaking to others, as she personally has no interest in other people’s thoughts or feelings.
__However she also has trouble expressing her thoughts and ideas freely on the spot, for Ora thinks on an individualized level with non-linear terms which need to be translated to others.
__But she is also seen as mostly withdrawn and disinterested in being the center of attention, and would rather observe others and work in the background.


__Ora values intelligence, knowledge, and competence and has extremely high standards which she tries to fulfill, and expects to some extent a similar expectations of others.
__Ora works well in an methodical environment that uses systems and organization, as she can be quite detailed and meticulous in working and planning.


__Dislikes wasting her time on trivial things like waiting on others and such.  She typically is very punctual and thorough in time management.


__Ora typically enjoys relishing in her accomplishments and reaping in rewards for her achievements that sometimes she seems to act conceited and boastful of her abilities.
__But she also has a strong affliation and pride towards her family that contributes to her loyalty towards her family; she is very attached to her loved ones in general.


Ora is the only child of Vasilev family, which was extremely well-off in society due to her renowned scientist father’s successful endeavors. Her father’s achievements in creating advanced weaponry and nuclear weapons were recognized by the New World Order, and granted her family sanctuary within the New World Order, as long as her father, Dr. Vasilev, continued making progress and development of better arms for the sake of the new era of peace.

Oblivious of the true intentions that government planned with the creation of these destructive weapons, Ora’s father readily
agreed to serve and provide the New World Order his services in exchange for the security of him and his family, unknowingly at the time giving up his freedom for the idealistic sake of unity under one government. And thus Ora and her family lived safely under the New World Order regime and enjoyed their momentary peaceful life under the totalitarian government. Ora grew up to be a particularly bright child, taking after her father’s brains, but due to her mostly sheltered up-bringing, she ended up a little closed-minded as well, as she and her family were showered with flattery praises and envied by others for being part of the upper echelon of society...She lived in a sort of fake, perfect bubble, where many acted nice for the sake of getting on her family's good side and felt distant from others, unable to really connect with people or make any real friends besides her family.

She hadn’t face the harshness of reality or wrath of the government, since Order treated her family well and almost favored them because of her father who followed his job blindlessly. But Ora held a grudge against the government for taking her father away from her by making him work endless hours far from home; she rarely saw him visit her and her mother, and at many times missed him terribly, as she longed for more family memories. Regardless, Ora was proud – and still is – of her father even though she seem to disliked how his occupation forced her father to spend less and less time with her and her mother. 

However their peaceful life was short lived and fleeting once her father uncovered the truth of the New World Order’s goals of destroying and putting down rebellion groups and quelling innocent lives with his inventions for the sake of the Order, Dr. Vasilev found himself in an uncompromising position; he had no power to persuade officials from suppressing the people by using the force of the military, but also he could not leave his post by putting his wife’s and daughter’s life in danger. Not wanting his wife and daughter to be used as tools to threaten him, he persuaded his wife to escape along with their daughter the confines of the government to seek refuge in Genesis, leaving him behind, hoping that Genesis would be protect them from the government’s clutches.

Ora’s mother followed her husband’s wishes and fled to the Ural Mountains with her daughter, quickly discarding her surname and her former familial affliation with Dr. Vasilev, replacing it with her maiden name, Tsvetanov. And ever since they remained in hiding, Ora was force to live under a new identity as Ora Tsvetanov. Discovering the reason why she and her mother had to leave the safe walls of the New World Order, Ora not only began to hate the Order but was was upset that her father had no means of escaping the government and how he could easily discard his safety for her own, but also how she had to severe any ties pertaining to her father, in fear that her family would be threatened.

Taking matters into her own hands, Ora quickly grew up and learned how to make weapons and joined G-enesis, not particularly having a strong idealistic goal of creating a utopia in mind, rather she joined the ranks and became a soldier with an immediate goal that requires using military resources to retrieve her father from the tyranny of the government. However Ora has not discarded the idea of helping G-enesis achieve its goal, but on the other hand she has placed more importance in saving her father and ensuring his safety; creating a garden of eden is more a long-term side goal.


__Solving Ciphers/Puzzles
__Weapons, Arms, Machinery, Bombs, etc.


__Mishandling weapons
__Using fists
__Being told what to do with no justification or explanation
__Being threatened
__Stains and Rust



__Has peacock colored eyes
__Is on the short side, Ora’s about 5’4 with heels on…
__She has a pretty good aim and accuracy when using ranged weapons like guns and etc. However she has little strength and no physical combat skills whatsoever and can only resort to using weapons at her disposal to protect herself. Very ineffective in fighting in the front lines, and can be quite burdensome in battle as she can only aim and shoot.
__She’s quite skilled with her hands and fingers, reacting rather quickly when the situation requires them, but she’s quite inflexible and can’t do much.
__Ora has a watch, which she seems to have the habit of occasionally checking the time every now and then.
__Definitely Type A //hackcoughcough

I hope it's acceptable I slightly redesigned the outfit..... Like I remember it stated in the journal no modifications except length of sleeves and pants were allowed, but I hope this isn't too overboard... X'D If asked to edit the art, I guess I will... //wheezewantedtogetanappcheckbutthey'renotopentoappchecksanymore...;u;
Will add more and revise the history later...... :iconweepplz:

Wish me luck... I hope I get in.... :iconpapmingplz:

OC & Art & Information © :iconrumbl3fish:
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GeckoSpine Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Greetings cadet! Your commander Horowitz has arrived ;)

hehe Ora is such a cutie :heart: I like her design very much
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Though the design's not really mine.. I just made it look fancy! lol
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